Ads Enforcement
Content Hound is the only independent anti-piracy enforcer representing content creators, not ad platforms. Our Ad Enforcement service scans pirate sites for ads that monetize your content and reports them to ad platforms.
Enforce your own rights. Stop relying on the ad industry to do it for you.
Go beyond the blocklist and passive enforcement. Track and measure results.
Follow the money. Eliminate revenue from pirate sites.
Market Intelligence
Content Hound provides customers with market analytics to inform the business case for anti-piracy and how to drive demand to legal products.
Track market segments of piracy over time to understand their demand.
Design enforcement programs to pressure market demand
Build the business case for anti-piracy initiatives
Forensic Data
Go beyond content takedowns. Investigate site operators and other bad actors. Content Hound has captured technographic and forensic evidence on thousands of sites over multiple years. Save your team months of investigation time.
Identify bad actors and track their tech platform use over time. Identify targets for subpoenas.
Analyze historical evidence to build a case for intentional infringement vs passive abuse.
Build a case from day one based on months of evidence, without waiting to collect data.
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