360 Content
360 Supply
Disrupt the piracy supply chain. Stop wasting money on takedown notices that don't work. Quantify the illegal supply and target the digital infrastructure that will disrupt the flow of money and access.
Understand what content is available and where.
Know if your takedowns are working or not.
Identify weak points in the pirate supply chain.
360 Demand
Regain control over the demand for illegal content. Recapture your consumers. Subscribe to the longest running tracking study of pirate consumers. See what influences their decision to turn to illegal websites and how they find them.
Quantify the rate of piracy in your market.
Identify which consumer segments you are winning and losing to piracy.
Understand your lost consumers and how to re-capture them.
Identify content and enforcement opportunities that will move the market.
360 Enforce
Track how your enforcement program measures against your peers. Receive weekly reports on industry benchmarks. Content Hound will provide you with an enforcement efficacy report measured against third party data. As industry veterans, we know every player in the market and can provide you with expertise for how to get the most out of your providers.
Quantify takedown efficacy
Measure detection speed
Benchmark against 3rd party data, not just your vendor's
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