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Content Hound is an anti-piracy company which provides media companies with strategic solutions to disrupt the pirate economy for maximum market impact. 

Our focus is on supply disruption, marketing strategy, and data driven enforcement. The company was founded by Ross Reynolds, a veteran of the cybersecurity, brand protection, and anti-piracy industries. Our global team works from the US, Mexico, Brazil, India, and Eastern Europe.
We are here to solve our customer's problems.
Content Hound exists to solve the problems of piracy. We don't work to create the latest revenue model that investors want to see. We don't work to use the latest tech. We don't create problems that would be cool to solve. We work to solve the problems that create the most value for the market.
We all work for our customers, not our investors.
Our customers work for their customers, and so do we. The past decade has shown that traditional funding models for tech companies can drive small anti-piracy firms away from their core mission. Putting the customer first creates the most market value for everyone. We align our goals with your goals, not outside investors.
Everybody makes a profit.
Coca Cola's Robert Woodruff famously said this to all his suppliers. Content Hound follows the same philosophy. We charge financially sustainable, market rates to our customers base on best practices for our industry. In turn, our team and partners all make reasonable profits. We are not a 'lifestyle company' for our executives. We do not squeeze our suppliers out of business. Making profit together generates success for everyone in the long run.
We take care of each other.
Too many people discovered during the COVID pandemic that their employers did not care if they lived or died. We are a new generation of company that aims to fix that.
Be nice, be objective, and everyone wins.
Content Hound delivers results by building loyal and productive working relations. We believe in the 'no asshole rule'. But being nice also means being honest about success or failure. We are data driven and objective with our team and our customers. We believe we can all win that way.
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